Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Summer Days: Wyoming

Caleb's grandma had her 80th birthday this year!  As many of the family as could make it got together for a weekend to celebrate.

The four of us and Caleb's sisters piled into Leah's car and headed down the road in the pre-dawn hours of Friday the 5th.  Several hours (and much on-the-road-with-siblings hilarity) later we arrived in the town of Wheatland, Wyoming. 
It was really nice to spend time with everyone.  We had meals at Grandma Mary's house, a family reunion on Saturday at the beautiful Ayers Natural Bridge, and a family picnic in the park on Sunday after church to wish Grandma a happy birthday. 

Ayers Natural Bridge


 My buddies, Charity and Stacie, whom I hadn't see for far too long.

us four 


  The kids and Leah and I went swimming in the river.  Whew, was it cold!
Leah was Greta Rose's buddy. :)

 * * * * *

Birthday Picnic

 Grandma Mary, with her lovely smile

 Josiah was entertained by 'Papa' and Ana. :)

Looking at family pictures; the one above left was taken several years ago at Natural Bridge.

 Grandma with many of her great grandchildren.

Monday morning early we piled back in the car and drove home.  Good memories, all gifts!

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Jenniffer said...

Looks like you had fun! Great family picture :)