Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Summer Days: a Visit

Our dear friends the Bankesters came for a week-long visit.  We had a string of lovely days together.  They stayed at Mama and Dad's, but the kids and I would walk over every morning after breakfast and Caleb would come after work.  Talking and laughing, good food and good music.


Greta found a special friend to read stories to her!

Alysha pulling the littles in the wagon
Dad and Jude getting water for Silas

These two were particularly glad to see each other :)

Visiting and baking apple pie

Emmy & Josiah;
Lindsey, Jude & Wilson
The Bankesters' music is really amazing.  Bluegrass, beautiful harmonies, talented pickin' and fiddlin'.  Oh, it is such a pleasure to listen to!  (You can check out their new cd HERE.) One evening we drove to the city to hear them play a concert at Nechville Banjos.  A great evening.

*  *  *
On Thursday evening they did a concert for us here in town.
(Mama had the idea to use records on the wall behind the stage--delightful!)

All too soon it was time for them to pack up the vehicles again and drive back home.  Until next time, friends! 


Fred & Leon said...

Thanks so much for this lovely post, Katie! Its so nice to use pictures to re-live the memories which are so special. :) Love you!


Jodi said...

You folks sure know how to celebrate! And that's just wonderful. Your mom's idea about the records was super cool. Please tell her I said so. xx