Tuesday, April 26, 2011

He is Risen, Indeed!



A generous dose of grandpas

Nana's Birthday with Gigi
(so wonderful to see her)

With every breath I take, with every heart beat,
Sunrise and the moon lights in the dark street.
Every glance, every dance, every note of a song.
It's all a gift undeserved that I shouldn't have known.
Every day that I lie, every moment I covet
I'm deserving to die, I'm just earning your judgment.
I, without the cross there's only condemnation.
If Jesus wasn't executed there's no celebration.
So in times that are good, in times that are bad,
For any times that I've had it all I will be glad.
And I will boast in the cross. I boast in my pains.
I will boast in the sunshine, boast in his reign.
What's my life if it's not praising you.
Another dollar in my bank account of vain pursuit.
I do not count my life as any value or precious at all.
Let me finish my race, let me answer my call.

from "Boasting" by Lecrae)


Melissa said...

*Sigh of happy beauty-full-ness* Thank you, little Kat. You look delightfully elvish in that last picture...

Father's Grace Ministries said...

What a wonderful family celebration! I love the centrepiece with the lamb- Do you mind me asking what the lamb is sitting on in the plate? It looks like a wonderful God-honouring display, but I couldn't tell what it was from the photo!
Bless you all

Kat said...

Hello, Claire!
It's a napkin ring. I was cleaning my cupboards last week and ran across it again and thought it would be perfect for a little centerpiece. Thanks for enjoying it with me!

Anonymous said...

Hello Kat, What a beautiful poem you posted for Easter. It spoke to my heart and I say, yes and Amen. Your centerpiece is so pretty, I love anything that is natural. Thank you for sharing your time with us. I enjoying visiting you here. The Lord be with you.
By His Grace, Cynthia