Thursday, October 21, 2010

We are home now from a lovely longish vacation with my man's family out west.  We had such a good time and made many good memories.  We have a lot of pictures--a happy thing!  I have been getting things back to normal around our home this week; it is good to be settling back in.

I cut and hung garden herbs around the house before we left and came home to them being nice and dry for me to put away.  Oh, the house was so fragrant when I hung them up!  Basil and thyme and sage and parsley and eucalyptus.  I am pleased with how much of their essence they have retained and look forward to using them this winter.


rebwey said...

Welcome back! We took a westward vacation this summer with my husband's family.

How do you use your eucalyptus?

Katya said...

I have never had it until this summer, but what I was imagining that I would use it for was drawer sachets, steam for a cold, bath sachets and such. :)

Kristina said...

Oh so delightful! I can almost smell them. :)