Wednesday, October 27, 2010

from the Word to the Heidelberg

Happy Reformation Week!

For your morning laugh and good listening...
from Curtis Allen (“Voice”)
The First Ever Rap Song About the Heidelberg Catechism

Heidelberg Catechism by avoice

You've got to go read the lyrics while you listen.
An unlikely but brilliant combination.
I love it. 
Hat tip to Justin Taylor.


Melissa said...

This made my day!:) We sat around oatmeal and coffee and laughed with delight over such a serendiptous meeting of the 16th and 21st centuries! True truth, rappy rhythm. Love it.

Auntie Meredith said...

I listened twice so far. Loving this. I think Curtis and Lecrae could actually make me like rap. :)

I love the symphonic beginning. I especially love the chorus. Or should I say hook?

Kate, have you ever heard of Reilly Band? They have a violin rock sound. They'll be leading in worship at our church this coming Sunday and then there will be a concert that evening. Look them up on youtube. The songs Too Long Without You and Sunlight are wonderful.I think you'd enjoy both.