Friday, June 19, 2009

today's pages begun

I've been inspired by Ann's journaling. Hopefully I'll keep going with this one; it's a style that fits me. Lines make me feel like I have to write coherently. :) I had to tell Mama about the beautiful clippings that I found for today's pages and promised to upload a picture so she could see. I always am stuck looking for a pen when I want to scribble something in the middle of browning hamburger, so I was captured by the thought of wearing one around my neck, like Ann says she used to. A crocheted pen-holding necklace is underway. I need to cultivate this discipline of journaling. To capture and hold the nourishment for my soul that comes into my day, to remember precious things about my girl and my man, to remember to be specifically thankful for the gifts from my Father.


Mamalama said...

Lovely start to your journaling!(and who is Anne?)

Are you familiar with the Eyes of Wonder blog? She does something similar...perhaps you will enjoy these posts:

Your family has a beautiful home...I especially enjoy your gardening posts during our long, dry, brown summers. Keep it up, please! :)


Melissa said...

Lovely, Kate. I, too, was inspired by Ann's journal notes. Thank you for sharing your pages.

Love you--

Mamalama said...

Eeep! "Ann"--sorry! Thanks for the link!