Wednesday, May 27, 2009

I am so thankful for the interlude of rainy days. The garden work around here grows as we dig new gardens, plant and transplant. We’re redoing our vegetable garden plans, expanding flower beds and looking to dig a strawberry patch. I enjoy long days in the sunshine, working in the dirt, Greta with me. Rainy days are restful, though, and give a chance to catch up on inside things. To slow down a bit: laundry, crochet, bake, read.

Greta loves the days outside. She calls all flowers “pretty”—“prah-tuh!” I am letting the Johnny-jump-up flowers grow wherever they please so she can have an abundance of flowers to pick. She is so careful. She picks one at a time and carries it around with her like it was a gem. She holds it to her nose to smell, then brings it to me to see and smell as well. “Num-nah?”, she says—her word for food that somehow in her mind translates to smelling as well. It makes sense to me. When she is done with the flower she brings it to the garden again and tries to put it back. She holds it up to me, “bah!”

She plays so hard: digging in the sandbox, helping mama to plant things in the garden, riding the mower with Daddy, chasing birdies. She gets a bit worn out, so rainy days are good for catching up on naps and snuggles. She loves riding in the ergo, and will run excited over to the coat rack to get it if I ask if she wants to go in it.

Yesterday afternoon she rode in there while I did some baking. I was inspired. I picked an armful of rhubarb stalks, made a pot of tea and lit some candles. Mozart’s “Requiem” was still playing softly from the stereo from earlier in the afternoon. We made rhubarb coffeecake, which turned out nicely (aside from a slightly-too-dark crust), and a double batch of banana-walnut-oatmeal-chocolate chip cookies (because I had a couple of squishy bananas about). It was lovely.

It’s still cool and rainy this morning. More cookies baking from yesterday’s dough. Perhaps I’ll get to finish the potholder I’m crocheting with yellow and white thread for Mama’s strawberry teapot from a vintage pattern (I told her I must…it’s begging for one). Greta Rose and I are going on an outing this afternoon with Grandma Connie to do some errands and shop for some herbs for my garden. (Happy Birthday to me!)

* * * * *

Vintage illustrations (in the last post and this) are from a delicious 1960 picture book A Day on the Farm that I picked up for a nickel during our city-wide garage sales this spring. I keep it with the books on my bedside table for early morning reading with a certain snuggly girl I know who has the sweetest little sleepy face ever. :)


Michal said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU! Oh dear, for some reason I had the day wrong and though your birthday was on Saturday ;) But I hope you have an absolutely wonderful, cozy, sweet day. I love you, Katherine Rose!

Melissa said...

This is a lovely glimpse into your rainy day. Thanks for taking time to post. Some of us can't get enough! :-) I must dig around for my own copy of the rhubarb coffee cake recipe...

Have a wonderful afternoon. Happy birthday plans, indeed! Grandma Connie knows you well! Hugs to all.