Friday, November 14, 2008

Winterish pileup

A certain little girl can now pull herself up on the furniture and so has full access to the top of the coffee table. The things that used to go there are now a happy winter jumble on the bookshelf. Unceremonious, I know, but cozy.


Melissa said...

Happy jumble indeed. Cute UN-decorating is so very satisfying.
I love the pictures. Keep them coming!

Love you--Motherdy

Michal said...

How pretty :) I think there is nothing so wintery as a pile-up. It's like snow and pinecones and other things that never need help looking pretty. :)
I love you, sweet cousin! Kiss Greta Rose for me, and have a wonderful wintery day :)

Paula said...

Dearest Katie,

I agree with your dear Motherdy, a happy jumble indeed! I LOVE that photo and the beauty it reflects of a very happy and productive homelife and a momma that is willing to redecorate so her little Greata Rose can enjoy standing at the coffee table! Such beauty in your sweet home, dear one. So glad you share it with me! I love visiting with you!
Love, Paula