Monday, May 26, 2008

of payloader attachments and metal lathes

Caleb and I had a great Saturday with our friends Seth and Charity. We drove up to their house Friday night, and on Saturday the guys went out to work at the shop. Caleb was busy building quick-attach plates for a rake thing so it could be attached to a payloader, and also another attachment to convert a bucket (I think it was) so it could go on the payloader as well. It was pretty nifty. Charity and I came over with the little ones in the late afternoon to see what they had been working on and to watch until suppertime. The big shop door was open so we got to enjoy the lovely warm evening.

::Our friends::


Charity Dawn said...

We had a good time during your visit! Thanks for the fun time at your place too!!!

Michal said...

Look how cute you sweet people are! I'm sure you had a wonderful time, too. :)