Friday, May 9, 2008

decorating with steel

As someone who loves the contrast of light and texture in decorating, the thought of incorporating steel into my cozy home decor intrigues me. Since meeting Caleb (who is, if you didn't already know, a metal worker and a good one) my appreciation for steel has much increased. I always did think that, given the chance, I would love to have an all-stainless kitchen (wow...pause for meditation on that thought), but I have come to be fascinated by it in non-stainless form as well. I could write a whole post on it. Don't worry, I will spare you for now. Anyway, when I first watched Caleb drill into a piece of steel and saw how it curled off of the drill bit and fell off in ringlets, I knew that I had to have some of those curls. They delighted me to such an extent that one day Caleb found some long, perfectly formed ones for me to have for my very own. I was thrilled. I use them as a sort of garland in my living room; right now they're on my shelf. Something so hard and strong laying in a thin pile of curls in contrast to warm wood, clear glass, fine porcelain ... it makes me happy. The light glints off of its curves. Perfect.


Charity Dawn said...

Very intriguing! I've always liked how you decorate with those steel curlies!

GodsLittleDreamer said...

Hey Katie,
How are you dear? I think I'm going to write you a letter this week, I have to see if we have your address. Your baby is darling! I can't wait to meet her! I love how you take beaitful pictures of things all over your house.
I graduated from HS last Sat, it was good, my open house will probily be on JUNE 14th, keep the date open, in the evening. I'm TATALLY inviting you, and your family! miss you girl!