Monday, October 15, 2007

vintage strawberry glamour

Gracing my table this morning is the most delightful tablecloth. A luscious vintage strawberry print from my dear Auntie. Thank you, dear Auntie! I am rather beside myself about it. And about the the vintage forties nightgown that came along with the tablecloth. Aahh.

So, I am using a grey, drizzly October Monday morning to sort through my pile of recipes-to-sort-through-and-properly-notebook at my strawberry table. I even have an appropriately vintage notebook to do it in. Perfect.


Ana said...

Ah, Kat! It's so beautiful. I'm sure it is a joy to work at and on. :) I love drizzly mornings and days. You get to do so much that is put off until a drizzly day comes. :) Fun stuff!

beth said...

you need a saucer under that candle lest you spill wax on that beautiful tablecloth!! :-)

Katya said...

Prophetic words, my dear Beth. At least it was a white one. Shhh...don't tell!
Next time I use a saucer.