Tuesday, October 23, 2007


We woke up this morning to 32 degrees on the thermometer. I hadn't been expecting a freeze, so I was a little bit worried about my beautiful potted rosemary bushes that I had on my patio. So I brought them in just to make sure they were alright. They were. :-) I look forward to having them fill my house with their piney fragrance all winter. I am working on rooting a few more sprigs too. They grew a lot during the summer. Hopefully they survive their time of being housebound this winter...they much prefer the out-of-doors. I'll take them out during the day until it gets really cold out.


Charity Dawn said...

Ha, Caleb's girlfriend, right? What a lovely plant!

Katya said...

It threw me into fits of laughter that you remembered that!!
Yeah...meet Rosemary: my only rival. ;-)

Oh, wait there's Rigid too...his air-nailer that I'm a little jealous of too.

All this considered...I am rather fond of this plant. Rosemary is a way favorite herb of mine.