Monday, December 10, 2012

'Tis the Season: Thanksgiving at Grammy's

The meal was lovely and abundant and delicious.  But of course I was visiting and soaking it all in too much to take pictures!

Olivia was Baker of Pies. 

Olivia's own most delicious and creamy and dairy free pumpkin pie.
(I was a happy girl.) 
Greta got to set up Gigi's village. 
A happy tradition that I remember so well.

Gigi and Annika


Olivia said...

Marvelous Beauties!

Melissa said...

So beautiful! Thanks for posting, Dearie!

Gigi said...

Katie dear - thank you so much for preserving your life and memories through pictures - it was indeed a glorious and happy day. Blesings, Gigi