Tuesday, September 4, 2012


I love the color blue.  That's not a hard one to figure out.  But I've been hestitant to paint a wall blue... it can so easily go wrong.  And isn't it better to use blue things on a neutral background?
My bedroom has been green since we moved here.  Nearly all the upstairs rooms are painted in this same green.  It is really quite a pleasant green, and I've been happy with it.  It goes well with the house and is a soothing background for now.  It also happens to match the curtains in the kids' bedroom perfectly.

There is this mustard element to the green, though, that we said 'hmmm' about.  And seeing that free summer weekends with the windows open to paint with were coming to an end, and that long weekends are especially nice for such things, and that it really would be nicer not to be painting around a new baby... we decided to give it a go and paint our room last weekend.

And we decided to paint the walls blue, despite initial hesitations.  But it had to be gray enough to be moody.  And green enough to be warm.  And blue enough not to be teal.  And I found this color called "Georgetown Blue Ivy". 

It turned out we didn't need a long weekend to finish our project in.  Caleb came home at 4pm on Saturday with the gallon of paint, and tapped the lid back on at 9:30p the same evening, finished.  Perfectly neat too.  I've never seen such edging.  He is definitely the man. 

 And I am thrilled with how it turned out...

It's a rich color. In the light of day it's a soft French blue, the same as the leaves of my Redoute print.  As the light fades the walls get greyer, bluer, moodier--in much the same way as the sky. 

Color can be so nourishing.


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Olivia said...

Oh I am so happy for you and your blue room! Can't wait to see it!

Lulu said...

i love youre room..I am partial to blue...:-)