Friday, August 3, 2012

from my sewing pile

Last summer Mama found a box of vintage rick-racks, bias-tapes and zippers at an antiques-in-the-garage sale next door for a dollar.  That box has provided many the finishing touch to sewing project or collage since then.  My latest rummage through it turned up several useful little zippers that I was inspired to turn into organizing sorts of bags that I was needing to tidy up the many odds'n'ends that one must tote around with children.  My fabric stash yielded several happy little pieces of fabric for this.  It's always fun to see what I can come up with from my stash of old clothes, edges from previous projects or cast-offs from other people's fabric piles.   

 (I enjoyed this fabric so much I made some drawstring bags as well when I ran out of suitable zippers.)

*    *    *
My sewing pile has been growing rapidly these days as I rummage through my fabric to see what can be made rather than bought for the coming days.  I sit down to sew as often as I can and make it through a few pieces at a time, though I always manage to come up with more ideas as I go.

Diaper changing pads for my diaper bag.  Denim and flannel, lined with fleece.

A winter hat for the boy, with scarf and mittens to match eventually.  Double-thick and snug.
Made from this wonderfully easy free pattern and tutorial.

 There are also the work jeans.  Taking care of unwanted ventilation and whatnot.
I am not sure how much longer these ones are going to last...


Webbing said...

Those bags are so cute, what a great fabric. But hey, not as cute as that little boy :)

Julian said...

Wow katie! You have such talent,and using what you have rather than buying is extra great! Everything looks neat! Love the denim changing pad,and little mans hat!

Melissa said...

So glad to see you sewing. You were born to sew, child. And make things beautiful. Thank you for sharing it here. Very inspiring, indeed.

Auntie Meredith said...

Katie, all your goodies are so much fun to see. I'm sending this link to a tutorial that you might make use of. Haven't tried it myself yet, but it looks super easy. You should check out the entire blog. Some of her quilts are to die for!