Friday, July 6, 2012

4th of July

What a gift it is to have this happy rythm of a family barbecue on the fourth of July each year.  Caleb made ribs again because they were just so good last year, and Jay smoked salmon and grilled corn.

Greta and Caleb started the day out by making the rub for the ribs together. 

Oh yeah.  Goodness happening here.

Hungry yet?

It smelled like home to have hickory smoke filling the back yard again.

Folks sat in the shade of the eaves in front of the porta-cool fan; brave ones ventured out to play some frisbee or splash in the slip'n'slide.

      There's me and my guy!                                                                                 The great frisbee rescue.

My herbs are sure happy these days with watering and lots of sunshine.

 Aunt Livi brought the much anticipated pink sculpted owls promised.  Oh the rejoicing and smiles.
Aren't they just adorable?!

Aunt Leah brought a slip'n'slide for the kiddos to slide down our hill with.  It took a wee bit of introduction, but then such splashing and sliding!  Perfect to keep cool with on a super warm day.

Yoshi even got an owl!  He knew right away--"Biloo Ow-woh!" he told all of us.  His was not the adornment of a princess, as you may imagine, but within minutes was employed as some sort of sling-shot. 

 More of Livi's sculpted art.

*  *  *
Dinner is served!

*  *  *

After supper shootin'...'most everybody joined in for a bit. 


*  *  *
Then a truck-drive to the lake for fireworks.  Lovely ones this year.
 *  *  *
Home again.


Mrs.Rabe said...

What a lovely 4th you had!

I hope you are feeling well and handling the heat...


Kat said...

I am feeling quite well, thank you! We have good a/c here for these super hot days. :)