Friday, June 29, 2012

:: Two ::

Josiah is two! 

Little Man is getting so big, so grown up.  His vocabulary is increasing every day; he said his first sentence this week while watching the birds, "Birds...go away...up the sky!"  He loves sister so much; they play together all day long.  He loves to help Daddy with projects: "Help-it Daddy".  He loves wagon rides from sister--speeding ones down the hill.  He gives Mama really nice kisses, and when I ask him if he's special, he gets little softies in his eyes and says, "Puh-sho" (he knows I love it).

His birthday was Monday, and Sunday we had a lovely dinner, afternoon, and evening with Caleb's family to celebrate (Josiah and just being together!)  Caleb made delicious sweet and spicy glazed chicken for dinner.

We had a birthday cake, of course!  With sprinkles...always a great excitement.

Josiah was pleased and a wee bit abashed to have everybody singing to him!

 He put that cake and ice cream right down. 


Jay & Ana brought fresh salmon from their weekend's fishing, and Jay and Caleb put some together to grill for our supper.  Beautiful stuff.  Salmon and watermelon...what's better?  Such a treat.

The guys had no trouble stayin' busy while the salmon marinated...

                   (Taking my turn)

Wow, it tasted amazing.

*  *  *  *  *

 Birthday-day was a good one, too.  Lots of happy playing with Greta.

He was quite thrilled with his "biloo" & "gween" birthday balloons.  He carried them around all day.

*    *    *

The evening treat was going together to the uncles' baseball game just down the road for a little while.

                  Uncle E.

 Uncle Ben
And the uncles' team won!

We're so thankful for our boy.

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