Thursday, October 20, 2011

Homish comforts

We're having some sickie days here.
Poor little Rosie has the worst of it, but she's been a great sport.

Cooking episodes are the comfort-viewing of choice. 
We also, thankfully(?), have enough extended family with the same bug to vary the company a bit!

 We have had our first coldish days.  I am so thankful for my new woodstove!  I've delighted in starting fires with marvelous control of the draft.  And it has a WiNdOw so I can WaTcH the crackle and the flames!  It's all very thrilling.

 {crackle, snap...warm}


Mrs.Rabe said...

Sorry your wee girl has been sick - what a lovely place to rest and watch the fire!


Olivia said...

Oh how cozy, Sister dear! I miss your house already...

Jodi said...

Hope the little one is feeling better soon. I think your house is the place to be when one is sick. So cheerful and cozy; and the spirit of grace shines through your photos.