Thursday, May 12, 2011

Mother's Day

Both of our dear mothers live in our town this year; Caleb and I are so blessed.  After worshipping together in the morning we all gathered at my mom and dad-in-law's home for dinner grilled by Caleb (having again our menu from Christmas Day, a very favorite now).  Our brothers and sisters helped to prepare the steaks and salads; it was a joy to do it together--Caleb and I, being the oldests of our siblings, have a precious window in time where we can have them around for all of these celebratory meals.

  The guys know how to get things done...
even grinding pepper!

'Papa' (Caleb's dad) is one of Yoshi's special buddies

 The good-looking griller guy

(So pleased with her new shoes)

Oh,'s Rosie and me :) (Will took these first three: thanks!) 

 Josiah's first swing ride!  He was thrilled.


 Evening on the lawn

{Family and memories I'm so thankful for.}

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Rebecca said...

Looks like a lovely day. Would you share your recipes? Perhaps it will stop raining in PA long enough for us to grill.