Thursday, September 23, 2010

Rainy Day

It's a rainy, rainy day.  Greta knows what to do on a rainy day; this morning she asked me to "turn the candles on".  Definitely!  I'm sewing flannel nighties for Greta; Tubby got a bath.


Nadine said...

It is a rainy day around here too...the woodstove is keeping us cozy, along with cups of tea.

Beautiful photos! :)


Margo said...

oh I do hope you will show pics of the flannel nighties. I made summer nighties for my girl and while she does have some winter jammies, I hope she wants a nightie too :)

Fred & Leon said...

Oh the chunkiness of the chunkers!!!! I'm wanting to give that man some lovings soon!!! How much does he weigh??