Friday, May 28, 2010

beauty on my table

from my garden: peonies, lavender iris, blue geranium,
bee balm foliage, catnip, and some white lacey herb blossoms

We are all well at our house! Thank you for your kind comments. :) Spring and summerish weather have come early to us--wonderful blessing!--and our days have been full to the very brimming with gardening & maintenance work to do outside and cleaning & sewing to do inside. Most days in my journal-of-dailies there are more little boxes to check off of ideas of things I could get done then there is time in my day! I have taken a few pictures here and there that I hope to post when I have a few minutes.


Melissa said...

Even more lovely than I'd imagined from your phone description! I love spring.:)

Elisabeth said...

True spring loveliness... Messy and perfect.