Wednesday, February 17, 2010

~':: from my week

Lovely flowers from my beautiful valentine
(Love you, Man!)
Snuggles and silkies and songs at bedtime for Greta Rosie. Instead of noonies.
My doctor says that my progesterone is dipping again, even with the shots
I'm getting twice a week. Hopefully it will help some for my body to be
getting a rest from nursing. Rosie has done wonderfully; an explanation
and some hymn-singing was all it took for her to go to sleep. I am so
Afternoon Sweet-face snuggles and napping
Rosie needs lots of snuggles this week. She's had some sort
of virus and is sniffly and has a bad cough. (Fever, ears, etc.)
Putting the finishing touches on a granny square ottoman cover for Mama.
We're letting her use our rocker and footstool for the next several months.
We don't have a great space for them, and she'll need a comfortable place
to recover from surgery. Her cancer has returned after eight years, and
surgery is scheduled for this Friday. Its seems that there is a fairly
simple treatment for it, but it will take the better part of this year to
deal with. The granny pattern is Attic24's again, and the
colors should match Mama's kitchen beautifully. I will have to post pictures
of it in it's new surroundings, maybe they'll be over on her blog when we get
a chance to take some. :)
Sewing a new denim skirt with some great heavy-weight denim.
It has a mind of its own yet but will soften enough in time,
and it has room for my expanding belly. :) It is so fast to
sew...four simple gores and elastic & drawstring waist.
The longest part was sewing the ribbon onto the bottom
by hand. The ribbon is so lovely: gold with maroon and
pink rosebuds. I never can make up my mind whether
I'm trying to be medieval or a hippie. I just love long skirts.
They're so comfortable and comforting to me.
(Rosie was feeling a bit clingy while I tried to take a picture of my skirt!)


Leah said...

I love these pictures!! I especially love the one where she is hugging your legs. :D Give the little one hugs and kisses from me! :D

Elisabeth said...


I've been enjoying your blog for a long time now. I almost feel as if we're good friends even though we've never met. :) I just wanted you to know I love checking to see what beautiful things you're up to in your cosy home. You're an inspiration to me. Praying for your Mama...
Blessings in Christ,


Katya said...

Thank you, Elisabeth! It is encouraging to me to know there are sisters in Christ like you out there. :)

Elisabeth said...

:) Oh, and I love your skirt! Were did you find the ribbon?

Nadine said...

Praying that all will go well with your mom's surgery & recovery. Both the ottoman cover & your skirt are beautiful!


Katya said...

Hancock Fabrics. :) It was the last of their little roll.

Margo said...

Little Greta looks absolutely adorable, asleep. So sweet. Glad weaning was so simple for you and blessings on your pregnancy.

I will pray for your mother too. And thanks to the link to her blog! I had no idea :)

I love swishy long skirts - they make me feel feminine and important. I do wear jeans a lot - probaby because I think it's more practical? I don't know, but your skirt makes me want to put on a long one too.

Father's Grace Ministries said...

This is the first time I've commented on your lovely inspirational blog. I'm a 42 yr old Christian homeschooling wife and Mama to 4 from Queensland, Australia- It's a delight to find such Godly wisdom in one so young. If my daughters grow up to be as Godly and wise, I'll consider myself very blessed indeed.
So sorry to hear about your Mama's cancer- I'll be praying all goes well. God is good.

Auntie Meredith said...

No more noonies. :( So glad that you will soon have a new bosom buddy and so glad to hear Greta's being a big girl about it. It's bittersweet isn't it? All these years later, and I still get a pang at the thought. But, to everything there is a season, and now it is Greta's turn to be a big sister. Exciting days ahead for all of you! As she loves on the new baby, you'll find yourself falling in love with her all over again in new and unexpected ways.

Gail said...

Katya, I will be praying for you and your family, your Mama, Greta, and you! Your new skirt is beautiful, as is your tummy! The crocheted cover is very pretty also. I have an ottomon I should cover with that pattern. Thank you for sharing! Blessings from Kansas! Gail

Mrs.Rabe said...

Your skirt is up noonies - it is bittersweet. My youngest (of 6) is now 4 and hasn't nursed for nearly 2 years - I do miss it still.

I am praying for your Momma...I appreciate your family's blogs. So wonderful to know there are like minded believers everywhere!

God's blessing on your family!