Wednesday, February 4, 2009

In order to keep a growing little person in clothes you have to be everlastingly at it, don't you!

Someone likes to take her socks off


Michal said...

Precious!! What are you making for the little button? Pants? Leg-warmies? :)
Are you staying warm there? It must be so cold there; it's about 5 degrees here right now and it's usually colder there! Stay warm and cozy, dear cousin!

Katya said...

I am staying warm, Michal, though it's not so much because of the temperature outside as it is my hardworking little stove. :) Greta and I have been staying toasty. I am spoiled!
Yes, her wardrobe needs the whole nine yards...from onesies all the way out to the pictures in this post: a new jumper at the top, leg-warmies (which I finished yesterday afternoon), winter hats to wear outside (even her head grows...acht), and pants to wear under the new jumper (courtesy of an old sweater of Mimi's :)). I have some more yarn being made into leg-warmies now and another skirt of mine for bloomers. We'll see how far we get. ;)
It was lovely to hear from you, cousin (as always). Miss you! I think you should move next door to me. :)

Paula said...

Dear Katie,

Delightful photos! I love all the sweet things you are sewing, knitting and crocheting for your dear little Greta Rose!

You are a talented and good momma!!!
Love, Paula

Michal said...

I would *love* to live next door to you, cousin!! It looks like Greta peapod is staying very warm, and I'm so glad to hear your little wood stove is doing its job! It's so warm here this weekend, I hardly know what to do with myself!! :) (Almost 32!!)
Have a wonderful weekend!