Wednesday, September 3, 2008


The weather is getting chillier again. It was 46 degrees outside when I woke up this morning. I shut the windows and started a fire in the woodstove. I was glad for the warmth of coffee and fried cornbread in front of the stove with my man before he went to work. Greta woke up early (maybe it had something to do with the fact that the smoke alarm was going off again because of some candle wax on the stove), so we snuggled and got her dressed in some good layers for the day. She’s supposed to be napping again—we’ll see how long that lasts!
I have the iron on and am going to go make my way through the pile of wrinklies. I am working on getting things put together for our vacation. We’ll be spending time in a cabin with my family and some good friends on a lake in the north woods. Yes, indeed, farther north…we’re thinking woodstove, sweaters, canoeing and hot chocolate. It should be lovely. We’ll all fit in one big cabin, and there’s a pickin’ porch on the front for siblings and friends to play their bluegrass on. I believe it will be relaxing and enjoyable!
Off to my ironing. “Rhapsody on a Theme of Paganini” is playing from my itunes library. Instigorating.
* * * * *
::'~ Later:

Greta was watching from her bouncy seat as I made dinner this noon. She was all snuggled under a fuzzy blanket, hugging her dollie--such a little sweetie. We were listening to 101 Strings Orchestra's Gershwin CD while I kneaded the dough for some rolls, and I was imitating Ella singing "Foggy Day" (complete with pizazz) to her. She thought that was hilarious. She giggled and giggled!


Melissa said...

Ok. So when you describe this perfect September scene--complete with wood fire, warm drink, and domestic deliciousness--I know, for sure, I've reproduced after my own cozy kind. What fun it is to read your gorgeous post...

Love you--

Twin Fiddles said...

Oh Katie,
I'm so excited to see you next week!!! I miss you all like crazy!! And... I can't wait to see that sweet Greta Rose!


Katya said...

Emily! How lovely to see your name in my comments section this afternoon. I miss YOU all... it will be so wonderful to spend time together. :) See you soon!

Paula said...

Dear Katya,

I am enjoying all your delightful posts I have missed. Greta is so sweet, what a blessing she is! I love the simplicity of the bread dough and the apple is oh so pretty! I am sure it will taste incredible too.

The coffee table your man designed and built is a piece of art!!! That is destined to be a family heirloom. He is very talented... so are you!!!

I love how you took the cherry colored corduroy shirt and made Greta a lovely jumper. You did so good and she looks so sweet in it. I love the new highchair and I am sure Greta will enjoy her egg yolk with sea salt!

Thank you for sharing your beautiful home life.


Leah said...

I'm glad to see that you are enjoying that Gershwin C.D :) That makes me happy.

Leah said...

Ohh. That makes me just wana puta warm fleece jacket on and take out my mandolin and start playing! Coziness!!!!

Karrie Diggs said...

Precious Katie~ I took a savory few moments of "me time" and drank in the last many blog entries here. I love hearing about your days and the cozy wonder of life with Greta Rose. I also love to study your photographs.
We love and miss you three, tell Greta and C we say hello.

Anonymous said...

Hello there, I found your blog via Jenny Wren. Your piccie of Greta sucking her thumb is so adorable...what a sweetie!

love, Tina :)