Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Hello ~'::

This week has been a rainy one. After all of the hot, dry, droughtish weather rain is a pleasant thing. Lots of thunder and lightning and heavy raindrops on the roof. A couple of days were even pleasantly cool and required a sweater!
Rain doesn’t make it very easy to dry clothes outside on the clothesline though. Right now my main room has three loads of trying-to-dry laundry in it on hangers and over chairs and on my handy-dandy drying rack. :) I am trying to get caught up with laundry today so that I can finish packing for our road trip and vacation out west next week.
Another thing I am attempting to get caught up with is dusting. Yikes. It is quite astounding how fast dust bunnies and cobwebs can proliferate themselves. It is a satisfying job to have done though.
For our vacation this summer we’ll be driving out to Yellowstone in Montana for a week with some good friends of ours. I can’t wait to see all of the beautiful places. I enjoyed going out through South Dakota and Wyoming last summer. This year should be more of the same sort of beauties. We’ll be camping in a pop-up camper on the west side of Yellowstone near Old Faithful, I believe. We hope to take a day trip and see the Grand Tetons. It should be a fast but truly enjoyable week. We’ll leave on Sunday. I am not sure that I will have internet access during the trip, but I will take lots of pictures and post the best of them when we come back!

(My dearest took this picture last summer during our expotition out west.)


beth said...

Have a great trip! May you be filled with awe at the wonder of God's majesty and glory in all that you see! Heaven will be even BETTER!
love, auntie beth

Katya said...

Auntie Beth!! How positively wonderful to see your name in the comments section. It has made my day! I miss you. Would love to see you too. Do you have email updates that I could be put on a list for? I'll see if I can get an email address for you from Mama. :) May our Lord be with you in a very real way today, Auntie. Love, Katie Rose

Ana said...

Hey Kat, I hope you and C have a wonderful trip. I always wanted to go to Montana, you'll have to tell me all about it when you get back! Love ya! Will be thinking and praying for you!

Charity Dawn said...

Yay Katie! I'm looking forward to our trip and to the sweet time of fellowship with our dear friends! See ya in a couple days!